10 ways to cut down your waste

Worldwide the waste piles are growing bigger each year, despite of all the small efforts made by several countries, like the recycling of cars and other domestic or industrial machines. A big problem is the growth of domestic waste, since the industry keeps on inventing more ways to wrap every product in a fancy package, so it would make you feel like you’re treating yourself with a gift, every time you buy it. We all know by now the plastic soup floating in our oceans and scientists predict that by 2050 there will be more plastic in the sea than fish! Time to take action, don’t you think? Cause this all might sound far away music, but we are the ones that use all that stuff.

waste pile

And I plead guilty as hell; it is so hard to avoid all that trash nowadays. Taking a drink here and a snack there on the way, and even when you avoid the plastic bags as much as you can, you end up with a grocery car full of wrappings, which make the products more expensive and harmful for the environment.

With the new year ahead of us, I am committed to cut down on our domestic waste in 2018! In some ways it can also save us some money too! Are you in?

There are 3 basic principles to live by, when you want to cut down on your waste: REfuse, REuse, REcycle.

Here are some more practical ideas that can help you along the way:

1. Avoid single use items:

Plastic cutlery, diapers, wipes, plastic earsticks, plastic plates, straws can all be replaced by carton or wooden ones. Ideally we invest in reusable items.

2. Use cloth:

Every change calls for a little bit of reorganization. Use washable diapers, old bath towel cut into wipes with essential oil in water works just fine, cut old napkins in pieces to use as make-up removal pads.

3. Avoid single servings:

Most of the waste comes from on-the-go food and drinks. Buy in bulk, use syrup instead of juice and lemonade. Make it your self at home from fresh zero waste products.

4. Print on the white side of old paper:

We all have tons of old syllabuses, lettres or misprinted papers lying somewhere, no? Don’t throw it away, but use the white side to print or write on.

5. Opt in on paperless billing:

Best way is not to print at all of course.

6. Donate:

Made too much for diner, you got twice the same gift for Christmas? Check out social media groups for free cycling, or give-away markets in your neighborhood.

7. Coffee cups:

Take your own solid coffee cup to the dispenser or coffee bar instead of using the disposable paper/plastic ones. Nowadays different brands have stylish stainless steel cups.

8. Containers:

Invest in a nice food container, a thermos, your own water bottle in stainless steel of covered glass, your favorite tote bag.

9. Zero waste shop:

This is a great trend, which leaves us with no excuse. In many cities zero waste shops are popping up giving the opportunity to use your own bags and containers to buy groceries.

10. Upcycle:

Use your creative mind to give a new purpose to your waste. Pinterest is a great source of inspiration for this!


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