About the Blog

Planet Ohm is a playground for exploring, learning and sharing. You can find all kinds of facts, tips and tricks, recipes and tutorials in the field of Yoga, Ayurveda, Healthy Food, Ecology and Permaculture. Our aim is to encourage each other in adopting a healthy lifestyle. A kind of living that’s sustainable for ourselves and for the planet. Less stress, more happiness! We all want that in life, no?

PLANET OHM is all about making connection and putting ourselves in the bigger perspective.  ‘OHM’ or ‘OM’  is ‘the universal sound’ or mantra which connects all beings and is traditionally chanted by yogi practitioners.

change the world, about planet ohm

OHM as such is also the unite for ‘resistance’ in physics. The great challenge that stands in front of us, I believe, is to overcome the resistance we all have for true growth as human sensible beings and to step out of our comfortzone to work for things that really matter in life. Not simply striving for material comfort, but cultivating happiness as the main purpose of life. That is the challenge for every person as for our whole generation. Together we can overcome this challenge, by sharing as much valuable information as possible, showing that there is a way for a bright and peaceful future.

So you think, so you become.

Let’s think about our dreams, believe them, live them!

About me

Hi, I am Valérie Pas, the author of this blog. I am a dedicated yoga teacher, massage therapist  and Ayurvedic practitioner since a few years now. You can read more about my professional work on www.valeriepas.be

I practice mainly Ashtanga Yoga, went to Mysore to study at the source with Saraswati Jois, the daughter of Guruji Sri K. Pattabhi Jois. He developed this beautiful practice together with Krishnamachariya and brought it to the West by dedicating his whole life to practicing and teaching to whomever wanted to dive in this profound system of selfhealing and selfknowledge. 

I am constantly trying to find a good balance between my family life, selfpractice and teaching. I did a 1year Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training, 3 years Ayurvedic therapist, 1 year orthomolecular therapist. The studying continues in order to be of best service to my clients and students. You can find my curriculum on LinkedIn

A little history

As a kid I was already an idealist and very much involved with environmental issues. I remember organizing all kinds of funny ways to collect money and donate it to Greenpeace. This engagement continued as I grew older by working as an activist for Greenpeace. Since I have kids it hasn’t been easy to help out with their actions, but on the other hand my effort to live ecofriendly has even grown bigger the last few years.

After I graduated from my Bachelor Industrial Sciences, I studied Environmental Sciences at the Open University. I had these great ideals, but it took me some years to realize they wouldn’t see the light in the corporate life, neither would I fit in an academic environment.

It was a difficult period where I didn’t know what my life purpose was anymore. In the meantime I was running my own cosy retrobar in the center of Antwerp, which I did for 10 years. This was very stressful work and not what you call ‘a healthy environment’ to live in. At a certain point, I had to deal with a depression.  I managed to heal myself, without medication but thanks to yoga and a more healthy lifestyle.

Vipassana meditation Valérie Pas
Vipassana 10 days retreat 2003

After a lot of meditating and soul searching I knew I had to go for what I believed in. That the way to change the world is to start with yourself. To change my own mindset, my consciousness and my behavior. That’s when I subscribed for the yoga teacher training and made the decision to walk this path of exploring, learning, confronting, awakening. Hopefully it can inspire you on your way to a healthy living.

So here we are then, thanks for coming along!

Me and Food


I love food, I love cooking and I definitely love to eat! As a yogi I know I shouldn’t eat too much, actually only what fits in the size of your two hands, haha. I have to be honest… I was born with too small hands for my stomach ;-). Although I had always been interested in healthy food and endeavored books about nutrition, my lifestyle wasn’t that healthy. Unregular working hours and a lot of eating outdoors, drinking, partying was what came along with the life of running a bar.

When I got pregnant from our first child, I changed all that of course, yet my diet still wasn’t that good. I felt tired all the time even after my boy was born. My son had some skin issues, just like his dad. That’s when I started searching for reasons and really looking into our diet. It became very clear to see and experience the impact food had on our health. It has been a slow proces of breaking old habits and experimenting in the kitchen.

4 years of studying Ayurveda and orthomolecular therapy have given more insight in how the body mind works and which fuel it needs. The studying continues in order to be of best service to my clients and students.

I love the idea of Part-time plant-based, avoiding dairy and wheat as much as possible. But I don’t like to be too rigid on myself and my family, nor to other people. That simply doesn’t feel good. We don’t have to be consequent all the time, to make a change. No need to become health police 🙂

Looking deeper into the matter you’ll find that a plant-based diet is the most ecofriendly one and I am adopting it more and more in my everyday life. 

I did experience myself the great influence, that dietary choices have on my mental, physical and spiritual state. My wish is to share this with as many people as possible! That doesn’t mean I judge others, who make different choices.

On this blog you will find vegetarian and plant-based recipes with an Ayurvedic influence and flavors from all over the world. I like to use a lot of herbs and spices to heal, detox and feel at your best!

So you eat, So you become.

Let me take you on this journey and check out the Planet ohm Food



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