Detoxing starts with…a tongue scraper?

Did you know there's an easy way to prevent toxins from entering your body? And in the same time boost your mouth hygiene to a higher level!? The answer is a tongue scraper I learned about this method while studying Ayurveda and it is actually as old as the hills.

What is a tongue scraper?

A tongue scraper is a metal bended stick with a flat surface in the middle, which is used to scrape the surface of the tongue. This originates from a time before we had fancy toothbrushes and whitening toothpastes. Every morning when you rise out of bed, a certain amount of plaque has attached itself to the surface of your tongue. You know, removing this plaque with a toothbrush, if you have tried already, can provoke a very unpleasant urge to puke and even then you haven't really taken the layer off.

The tongue scraper does the trick in a few strokes, giving you a clean feeling.


Why use a tongue scraper?


The presence of a lot of plaque means there are toxins accumulating in the body. Taking away this layer of toxins in the morning is one of the first steps you can take to detoxify. 


The color is a second indicator. As a therapist I like to examine the color of this plaque as it tells a lot about how the digestive system is doing. Grey or blueish color tells us there is some stress and dryness (Vata dosha) in the system. Yellow color means acidity (Pitta dosha) is rather high and white or slimy plaque means indigestion or heaviness(high Kapha) might be there.   Measure to manage!!

Fresh breath

When the toxic bacteria and others are taken away it improves the freshness an prevents bad smell.

Less tooth plaque

The bacteria on your tongue will move to your teeth and attach to the tooth enamel, causing tooth plaque.

Less holes

Tongue plaque causes acidity of sugary food to last longer in the mouth and attacks your tooth enamel.

Healthy gums

 The sulfur gases in your mouth, caused by the bacteria damage your gums. This can result in inflamed and bleeding gums. Mostly mouthwash is prescribed in those cases, but this killes all bacteria. For optimum health we want our healthy mouth bacteria, to maintain the balance. So help them a hand by using a tongue scraper every day!

More taste

Use a tongue scraper and your tongue will function better giving you a more wide palette in taste.

Feel confident

Isn't it nice to open your mouth, knowing that there is a healthy tongue to look at? Nothing to hide!

In the Ayurvedic marketplace there are tongue scrapers made in copper, silver and nowadays RVS, but all pharmacies also sell plastic ones. I wouldn't recommend these of course. Plastic isn't sustainable, while the metal ones last a lifetime and beyond. You could have your family silver tonguescraper for generations to come...or maybe have it melted in a ring instead 🙂

This is the first step to detox your body!

But did you know that a yearly detox has been proven to be a major improvement for your health!

In a few days I am releasing a complete online detox program.
Enrollment in this course gives you lifelong acces to the program! You can do the detox at home, save a lot of money and repeat as much as you like!

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