How to make laundry soap yourself and 3 good reasons why.

Did you know you can clean your house completely toxin free? No toxic substances smudged around for your kids, animals and the environment, sounds great no? Let’s see why it is so important to avoid the use of off-the-shelf products, as much as possible.

1. Pollution

All cleaning products leave a trace of phosphates and nitrates in the environment through the watercourses they are dumped in. This way they disrupt the ecosystems in our waterways. Eutrophication is this phenomena where the surfacewater gets oversaturated with nitrates and phosphates and initiates an overgrowth of algae. Hence the cloudy waters with a green layer on top, which in the end suffocates the aquatic life residing there. All except one fish who actually likes to live in the cloudy streams and lakes, the bream.

Bream Brasem

“The most important reasons for the mediocre and even bad quality of our surface watercourses are maturation with nutrients nitrogen and phosphor. These nutrients origin from flushing of fertilizers coming from agriculture and secondly from dumping of domestic wastewater. (source: Compendium voor de Leefomgeving, www.clo.nl )

Although the agriculture is the big messenger in this nowadays and purification of the dumping water is being optimalized the last decades, there are still tons of places today where the domestic wastewater goes straight in the brooks or watercourse. Unbelievable but true!

Besides less nutrients and toxic stuff being dumped in your gutter, you’ll contribute big time to a smaller plastic pile. Reuse these plastic bottles cause they are made to sustain for decades to come 😉

2. Health

Ever since I have kids, I’m avoiding most of the chemical cleaning products and went all traditional on this. Luckily you can still find grandmothers most wanted groceries if you look very closely.

Through your skin and lungs these new super-cleaning substances enter your body cause all kinds of allergies, hormonal imbalances, cancer and other health issues. The way these products are tested and being allowed is so dubious I rather not take the risk. You would imagine a government having this impartial committee to hand out admissions for the production of chemical substances, but sadly these committees and scientific researches are done by the companies themselves. Well, that’s a big laugh!

Ofcourse you have these beautiful ecological brands doing the best they can, but it’s also great fun to do some experimenting with it yourself.



Zelf wasmiddel maken
Essential oil

You might have heard already that we are actually too clean nowadays? With these superproducts we are killing every bloody bacteria and germ in our house and on our skin, so our immunesystem gets lazy and weak. A little bit of dirt here and there hasn’t yet killed any one, no need to worry!

3. Budget

Grandma probably knew how to save some coins here and there, cause these basic cleaning products, like vinegar and sodium bicarbonate, practically cost nothing! Especially when you have kids running around and the washing machine is running daily, you can save an nice buck. Maybe it would be nice idea to put 5€/week in a piggy bank and spend it on a nice day out with the kids.

Zelf wasmiddel maken
brown soap


It does take some time once a month to make a batch of dishwasherpowder, cleaningproduct, and laundry soap. The reward is guilt free cleaning! No rubbish down the drain and on your skin.

So now down to business!


Empty plastic bottles

Brown soap (1/4 pot)

Sodacristals 250g

Sodiumbicarbonate (for cleaning, not cooking) 200g

Essential oil (e g Bergamot, Tea tree of Lavender) 50 drops

7l water

Zelf wasmiddel maken

Let it all dissolve in a big pot on a small pit and ready, Freddy!

As a fabric softener I use cleaning vinegar and some drops of nice smelling essential oil.

If you want more inspiration, follow this blog! I’ll be posting other ideas and tips on ecological cleaning and how to turn your kitchen into a laboratorium.





    1. Hey Igna, dat ziet er een leuk experiment uit! Wij hebben thuis een massa klimop, die nu ook weer goed benut kan worden. Dat ga ik zeker eens uitproberen. Bedankt! groetjes, Valérie

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