Mockumentary of a contemporary saviour – Review

As pointed out in the previous post on Learn from the Masters one of the important things for growth, is to stay inspired by masters of art, in this case dance. My commitment for the next year is to check out all different kinds of dance performances, to expand my vocabulary and understanding on the subject of contemporary dance.

A few days before Christmas we went to see the latest performance of Wim Vandekeybus and Ultima Vez, ‘Mockumentary of a contemporary saviour’.
This timing actually gave the whole experience a new meaning, leaving me with the feeling of being ended up in a Nativity scene. This fortunately didn’t last long. The diversity in nationalities and languages on stage, as well as in their forms and movements turned the scene in an futuristic landscape with apocalyptic tones.
Wim Vandekeybus questions the tricky subject of religion, where as in our contemporary society all believe is considered as weak-minded and superstition. As our society is going bankrupt on a spiritual level, isn’t it depriving us of hope and aspiration for good in our world? Or is religion always misleading as the hope for a saviour to guide us out of our misery, discards our own responsiblity to make the right choices?

We see how the people on stage are wanderers through their little lives, all in search for love.

The performance of almost two hours kept triggering question marks in the spectators mind, up until the end, where the scenery became somewhat intrusive, with performers addressing themselves directly to individuals in the public.
The black priest gave me the feeling of being landed in a Quentin Tarrantino movie, not sure if this was a good or a bad thing 🙂

Personally I resonate with the idea that society is losing its grip on life, because of the total rejection of faith. No connection to the source that connects all humans, regardless of their skin color or religion. So many depressions, suicides, burn-outs strike all kinds of people, where as a yoga teacher I often see those people are in search for meaning in their lives. Why are we struggling like crazy to make a living, while still we feel stressed and used up at the end of the day? The contemporary saviour depicted as a child in this performance is a beautiful universal image, since a child teaches us all about ourselves and what life is all about; giving unconditionally.

And thus the story ends, exactly as it began…


Image: Danny Willems


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