My Ohm Detox

I am so thrilled to release this online detox course 2.0. ⁠

I spent many hours, days, weeks of work and patience to restyle this program to the best of my abilities. Science is never static. Our own knowledge and insight also evolves, so I had to change the program accordingly.⁠

Why did I develop this program?⁠

To help as many people as possible gain control over their health! This is my life mission. ⁠

So many health problems are related to an excess of toxines in the body. Poor digestion of food and poor liver function result in lack of antioxidants and nutrients for our body and mind.⁠ I am sharing what I have experienced during the past years of studying Yoga, Ayurveda and orthomolecular therapy.⁠


We all have our cravings and unhealthy habits, but we can address them and even undo them by taking time for selfcare. This detox is about self love and self care. It is a gift to yourself that will set you on the right track towards a healthy and fulfilling lifestyle.

This month you get 50% off the original price. You can purchase this program now for only 27€ !⁠ Check the info by following the link in bio.

If you have any questions, send me a message.⁠

Stay healthy, stay strong!



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