Zucchini Pasta Elder Pesto and Green Olives

This meal is ready in a jiffy! You can use the weeds in your garden and save a lot of money on fresh herbs. If you don’t have weeds(lucky you), than use other fresh green herbs in the pesto. Check out the recipe here.


Chocolate Spread

I really had a fun time yesterday, giving a workshop at the school of my kids on ‘healthy lunchboxes’. It was the idea of an…


What Ashtanga Yoga teaches

Ashtanga yoga reveals its depth only by practice, day by day, step by step. Each week I highlight a different aspect of the practice, according to the Eight limbs of Yoga. In this article I share with you my experience on Ahimsa or non-violence. Watch the interview with Jenny Raymundo, taken in Mysore.


Broccoli-sprouted Mung spread

This spread has a nice fresh flavor thanks to the dash of lemon and the vervain.
It’s full of vitamines, proteins and anti-oxidants. Since the mung beans are sprouted, they become easy to digest.


Ashtanga Yoga

Last January 2018 I was very lucky to be able to study Ashtanga Yoga with Saraswati Jois, the daughter of Sri K. Pattabhi Jois. This…