Did you know that most health problems are caused by oxidation and toxic waste in our body?

The good news is that many health issues can be solved by a regular detox.

This online detox program gives you the tools to do a detox at home.

You won't feel hungry, instead you'll feel light and healthy.




Why enroll in this program? You will

  • Learn all about prevention of illness and restoring your health
  • not have to go anywhere to do this cleanse
  • Know how to do a detox and heal your digestive system
  • Learn techniques to make your mindset strong and beat cravings
  • Feel stronger, happy and free
  • See results show very quickly, depending on the level of oxidation
  • Not have to do heavy fasting or live only on juices
  • Have all recipes for a whole week of healthy eating
  • Start easy yoga excercises to help the detox and release tension in the body
  • Learn at your own pace
  • Have lifelong acces to this program


Make a one time investment for your health!

Receive lifelong tools to stay healthy and gain self-healing power

This 1-Week-Course is easy to follow


  • useful information on detoxing, nutrition, herbs and much more
  • breathing techniques
  • yoga videos
  • recipes 
  • shoppinglist

"Wow, I really feel like starting with the program. All these recipes look absolutely delicious!" says Marijke.

Take a look at the programs home page...


  • buy the program on our webshop
  • you receive a code in your mailbox to enter the program
  • watch the video with guidelines
  • print out the recipes and the shopping list
  • go shopping before you start
  • Check out the program part 1-7
  • Follow the menu and daily exercises during 1 week!

"Some ingredients I bought for the detox were completely new to me, but are well integrated in my life now! I use them in all sorts of dishes. I drink the detoxtea on a regular base and feel very good with it. The program was easy to stick to!"  says Sylvie


Personally I like to enjoy life! I like good food and a glass of wine over a good conversation with friends. Years ago I felt depressed and low energy very often. I would elevate my energy levels with coffee and alcohol, which of course put me in a downward spiral. When I started taking better care of my self by the practice of Yoga and Ayurveda, things finally started to shift for the better. By cleansing my body, my mind became clear. I felt stronger and energized. I simply didn't know I could feel so vibrant and happy!

I want you to feel this way too!


Most of us have some. You can undo their effects by doing this detox.

It's all about restoring balance!

It is of all eras to do a fast or cleansing at least once a year. Somehow we have lost this tradition in our daily life, but thanks to ancient knowledge of Ayurveda we can bring it back.

Enroll in this program now and liberate yourself from undesired habits!

most people


You don't know, what you don't know, right? That's why this one week will definitely change your life for the better!
You will finally discover how good your body can feel. How clear your mind can be!
I am inviting you to discover the next level of your healthy life! This 1 week investment in your life and health will set you on the right track for a lifelong shift in habits.

What do you get?

  • 3 yogaroutines video's
  • 3 breathing techniques for purification of body& mind
  • 3 meditations on the power of will
  • 1 week menu= 21 healthy recipes
  • 1 shopping list for a healthy lifestyle
  • Ancient techniques to beat hunger and cravings
  • An introduction video with general guidelines
  • A step by step and easy 1-week-program
  • A 7-chapter course on detoxing
  • A liver detox
  • A kidney cleanse
  • a kick start to a healthy lifestyle

How much does MY OHM DETOX cost?


What is the value of your health? It is priceless, right?

I have put a considered amount of study, money and time in this program. So of course, I would like to get something in return for all the energy I've put into it.

But honestly, money isn't the reason I designed this program. I simply want to share what I have experienced thanks to a regular detox!

I want you to feel vibrant and happy!

That's why I sell this program for a very fair price. I want to reach as many people as possible.

Get the program for only 54€.


Do I need any prior knowledge?

This course is perfect for absolute beginners as well as those who have basic knowledge of Yoga and Ayurveda.

Is My Ohm detox suitable for a plant-based or gluten-free diet?

Yes, it is totally suitable for people of all diets. This week program has only gluten-free and plant-based recipes. The only animal product that is suggested is ghee, but that can be easily replaced by coconut oil. They have similar properties.

How long do I have access to the course?

You will receive lifetime access to the course. It includes access to all interactive materials of the course: videos, reading materials and downloads. You'll have access to all the updates the future.

Will I be able to ask questions?

Yes, after enrollment you will be able to ask questions in the Q&A forum, on the homepage. They will be answered by a professional therapist.

Is there an online community of My Ohm Detox?

Yes, there is a Facebookgroup with fellow participants, where you can find answers to your questions and share experiences. I will ocassionally share information on detoxing and health there.

Can I buy this course as a gift?

Of course, you can buy our course as a gift. It is a very beautiful thing to give. You can easily print the pdf with the entrance code and give that as a present.