Soft yoga before bedtime

This short sequence is good for your kidneys and gives peace of mind before going to bed. You’ll notice improvement in the quality of your sleep.

Keep every pose a few minutes or as long as comfortable.

Take time to observe your body and the breathing. Take a few conscience breaths. Before starting, evoke a feeling of gratitude for your body, so you approach it with respect. Feel the ribcage expanding in all directions when inhaling and softly contracting while exhaling.

Balasana of kindhouding
Balasana or childs pose

Bend forward while sitting on the heels. Feel gravity working on your whole body. With every exhale, you let go of memories and tensions you got throughout the day.


Elongate your spine, use the exhalation to deepen. Don’t copy the image, but feel your body as it is today. Realize that is is fine as it is in this moment.


Anjaneyasana variatie
Anjaneyasana variation

Keep your chest open and feel grounded in your pelvis without hanging in the hip joints.


Zijdelingse stretch
Sideway stretch

Move with grace and kindness from side to side, taking your time to feel. Keep your shoulders relaxed. The sitting bones are deeply rooted in the mat.


Zittende twist rechts
Seated twist

Make space in the upper body by breathing in deeply and move into the twist on the exhale. Repeat other side.

Adem een aantal keer diep in en uit, wandel de zitbotten eventueel wat naar achteren. Maak je benen sterk of buig je knieën.

Voorbereiding Paschimottanasana
Preparation Paschimottanasana

Walk your sitting bones backward if you have the flexibility, otherwise ground the sitting bones in to the mat. Make your quads strong or bend the knees, while moving forward on the exhale. Relax your shoulders.


Sleep tight!






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