The baby has a name

The 20th of July we organized a crowdfunding lunch party in our hometown, Stekene. It was a sunny day, full of energy and great people, who came to support us and say goodbye. We are so very happy with all the positive vibes and messages from friends, yogi’s and clients who are all very close to us! It gave our crowdfunding a boost too, which really makes a difference! We are stepping into this wild adventure, having limited money available and a lot of plans 🙂


yurt Portugal

Our goal is to get ourselves settled in a yurt and have a warm water bathhouse ready before wintertime.

Then a second yurt will be installed, so our first visitors can come in spring 2020!

These yurts will have a nice wooden floor, insulation, a little stove and become nicely decorated into a cosy homestay for 2-4 people or 1 family. We’ll make sure our first retreat will be a fact beginning of Summer.


caravan life

In the meantime, this caravan and the wooden floor will be our first thing to call home ?
A lot of work waits for us, but we are really ready! Ready to go for this dream.

The last 5 years I’ve been studying and practicing holistic health sciences. Yoga, mostly Ashtanga & Vinyasa, Ayurveda, massage therapy and recently orthomolecular therapy and family constellation work. I have deepened my own yogapractice and enjoyed contemporary dance. ?‍♀️
It’s been so enriching and interesting, a lot of shifts and movement happened in my own life too!
Last year Ward started his training ‘Connected living’ @ Agape Belgium, which was a year of thorough body and mind work.

We are so excited to join and share this ancient and recent knowledge, so people can find the power to heal themselves.
During my time as a therapist in Belgium, I saw how difficult it can be for clients to implement health advice, to make a change all by themselves.
That’s why we will be offering full programs at our retreat center.

Movement, breath work, healthy food and daily routine, refreshing morning dips in the river, workshops and trainings. Detox programs, meditation, massage, shirodhara, steam baths and much more!
Creating movement in body mind and soul!

And you know what’s even more exciting!!!The baby has a name! Some of you already know, but we can’t repeat it’s name enough!
?May I present to you with great joy, trtrtrtrtrtrtrrrr tataaa!?

CASA VAYU - House of movement

Yes, I love it! We are currently working on a logo and website to get our full program and project clearly pointed out for you. In the meantime, stay with us on this blog to for updates.

Please, follow Instagram @casa_vayu massively for daily stories and pictures.


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