The word is out! We are moving to Portugal

It took Ward, my dear husband, and I some time to get things clear about our project in Portugal. Our trip to India came exactly at the right time for it. Back home we were so busy with work and household, that we simply didn’t have time to discuss what and how we would proceed with our dream of a more self sustainable life in the South of Europe. But now the word is out…we are moving to Portugal in 2019!

We want to start an ecological self sustainable Yoga and Ayurvedaretreat center and lodge in Central Portugal(Read more here). It will be open for every one, but specialized in retreats for people with burn-out and hormonal disorders. A beautiful piece of land, check! The first necessities, check! Solar power, money saved! Earthship, help needed!

at work in Portugal

To build this dream of a place were people can rejoice and rejuvenate, we need help. We aren’t millionaires, unfortunately, but we are working hard and saving money to make it work. Yet, if we want to get the Earthship build we are calling out to you. You can actually buy a holiday stay in a beautiful yurt in advance, so we’ll have the funds to build on the rest of the project. Actual bookings will be open from the Summer of 2019, but all financial supports will be registered on Gofundme.

Until then, we don’t want to keep this peaceful haven for ourselves, but share it with others who want to learn and work together on this project. So if you feel for it, you can apply to volunteer through 


Hope you appreciate our project. Leave a comment, if you simply want to support with a positive message!



Valérie, Ward, Aiko & Corazon



  1. Hi Valérie, fantastic project! I love it that you follow your dreams. I would like to contribute! If you like i can support you on my own way. I will send you a private message to further discuss this?. Thanks for the good vibes!

    1. Thanks so much for your enthusiasm, Tine! That would be so great. Building dreams together is all the more fun 🙂

  2. days & years are passing so fast ! but for sure, we meet again… in Portugal ! keeping in touch & all the best

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