Why I love teaching Yoga

Last weekend we went on a autumn retreat in the South of Belgium, Redu. This must be the most quiet place of the country, unbelievable! You couldn’t hear a single sound at night and that is really rare in our overpopulated little Belgium!

why I love teaching yoga

I am still floating on the energy that grew from this group of beautiful, conscious people! As many enthusiastic messages of the participants came in the last few days, I have the feeling we are all still thriving 🙂






As an organizer ànd teacher it was full on, but very rewarding! Now I need time to process, reflect and relax myself…

Why I love teaching yoga?

Because I love seeing people transform by it. Even in 3 days time, you can see people’s inner beauty shine through their eyes in a magnitude compared to when they first arrived. I know it sound corny, but there’s no other way putting it. We all saw it happening.

why I love teaching yogaIt is this transformative power of yoga, breathing and healthy food I experienced myself years ago, and still do every day, that I love to share. It brings you back to who you really are; balanced and happy.

Being part of this history of teachers, students, human beings learning about life and consciousness gives a feeling of fulfillment and connection, which lightens up every dark or lonely corner of my mind.

Teaching yoga implies staying awake, alert about ones self and forces me, personally, to step way out of my comfort zone.

As an introvert and hypersensitive person, I have the tendency to avoid big groups and sometimes people all together. I enjoy being on my own and living in silence. Stepping out of this comfortable atmosphere and standing in front of a group has shown me I can even do that, if I just want it. The power of will and envisioning yourself growing, makes you do things you didn’t dare dreaming off.

People have been telling me my whole life, that I am strong, but I just didn’t see it myself.

Sure, I am still growing and learning to open up. And that’s ok. No hurry, nu rush. As I see the people in my classes change, sometimes slowly, sometimes fast. Taking leaps and falling back. I give myself the same chances and enjoy life while I am at it!

We are all teachers for each other and always a student in the school of life.

Come on! It’s playtime!!!


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